Cold-Brew Coffee & Prolonging Summer

According to my Google calendar, the Weather Channel and the amount of iced coffee I’ve been drinking, it’s still summer. Yeah, we’re not supposed to wear white anymore and the beaches are off-limits, but whatever. I’m still holding strong. Truth be told, I’ve been quite vocal this summer about my disdain for the heat, humidity and general misery that has been NYC Summer 2012, but hear me out. There’s something devilish about savoring the last days of summer while all the kids are in school. Sure, we have to go to work and stuff but…we don’t have homework! It’s kind of amazing.

Anyways, back to the coffee. I promised you a little how-to about cold brew in my pour-over post. How did that go for you? Did you run and buy a drip cup, some fair trade beans and spread the gospel to your Starbucks-chugging co-workers? No? Well, your head is about to spin because today, we’re putting this show on ice.

Any coffee shop in NYC worth its beans cold-brews. Essentially, it’s a method where the grounds are steeped in cool water for a while and then strained. This resulting elixir is super-strong, perfect poured over ice or diluted with milk. Here we go!

Cold-Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate


  • Freshly ground-coffee (12 ounces*)
  • Large container (I use a big bowl)
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Cheesecloth (found at any grocery store / dollar store for a couple bucks)
  • Bottle / pitcher / some other vessel for storing coffee (I got this one at TJMaxx for $2)


  1. Place ground coffee in a large container. Add 7 cups cold, filtered water. Stir gently to moisten grounds. Cover and let stand at room temperature for 15 hours.
  2. Line a fine-mesh sieve (strainer) with a couple layers of cheese cloth. Pour coffee through sieve into a pitcher or large bowl. Do not stir or mash the coffee. Let it sit for awhile until the dripping stops. Throw out the coffee & cheesecloth.
  3. Pour coffee into desired container (or keep in the pitcher). Cover and chill. The coffee concentrate will stay fresh in the fridge for about 2 weeks. Serve over ice.

Oh and if you’re wondering, that bad ass scull & crossbones tumbler is from Home Goods.

Source: Bon Appetit


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