What I’ve Been Up To

While this is no excuse for my stark lack of posts, in my defense, I have been cooking. A lot. Like it’s my job…oh wait, it appears that it is.

Since graduating from ICE almost a year ago, I’ve had many unique doors open for me, most of them leading to a kitchen. From seeing my first recipes published in Every Day with Rachael Ray, to serving pimento cheese to Francis Lam and suddenly finding myself working with some of the best food stylists in the biz, it’s been a roller coaster of coconut oil and kale. I’ve learned how to make a week’s worth of meals before noon and how to do it gluten-free. One of the most rewarding partnerships has been with Kitchensurfing. I’ve waxed poetic about them before, but seriously – it’s that good. Here’s a lovely piece by Jee that explains it better than I ever could.

Over the next couple months, I will be using this platform a bit differently than before. Sure, everyone loves a gorgeous photo with a quick-and-easy recipe, but recipes don’t teach you how to cook. They also don’t encompass everything it means to cook, and share food with others. And all the other important things that happen before and after that recipe is shopped for, prepared, eaten and cleared away. I am going to explore those things, and forgive me if they don’t fit into the box of “food blog”. Let’s see what comes out.


One thought on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. I LOVE the idea of delving into the process of a meal—the shopping, preparing, eating, and clearing. It really gives a feel for the food, what’s good about it, how it should be done properly by season or what have you, and not just what gets immediately devoured because it is just SO DELICIOUS (as the pretty pictures ever so clearly show! Rock on!

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