Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

It’s no secret that I covet all things beauty. From lip gloss to hair gloss to body gloss (yes, it exists), I am a sucker for the latest and greatest products and potions. I received a sample of Fresh Sugarbath Brown Sugar Body Polish and was instantly hooked…until I saw the price tag for a full-sized jar. A standard 14-ounce jar costs, get ready…$65! And no, gold flecks are not a primary ingredient.

My at-home “recipe” will give you soft, smooth skin for a few bucks. Unlike a lot of homemade beauty treatments, mine relies on accessible ingredients you probably have on hand. It’s also edible, if you get hungry in the shower (although it probably tastes like sugary salad dressing).

Make as much or as little as you wish depending on the size of your container.

(Fresher) Lemon Sugar Body Scrub


Equal parts brown sugar and white sugar

1/2-1 whole lemon, zested and juiced

Few drops olive oil (or jojoba oil, if you’re fancy like that)

Few drops exact such as lemon, vanilla or almond (optional)


Mix all ingredients together. Add more sugar to reach desired consistency.

Store in a covered jar.


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