Wine + Cheese = Instant Party!

I love the idea of a low-key Friday night with good friends, some vino and of course, a little nosh. So a few weeks ago, we did just that. After a particularly long week, it was nice to come home, gather up the troops and catch up on life. Here’s what I picked up on my way home..

  • Brie
  • Goat cheese
  • Sun-dried tomato stuffed olives
  • Sopressata
  • Tomato foccacia (which I warmed and sprinkled with pecorino)
  • Baguette (I sliced into little crostini and toasted)
  • Dried apricots
  • Spiced almonds
  • Chianti

I got everything from my favorite Italian grocer in Park Slope, Russo’s. I LOVE this little import shop – it really takes me back to the old country (I spent a semester in Florence and still miss it). Love Russo’s!

I ran across the street and got the wine at Big Nose, Full Body. Aside from the name, there is really nothing epic about this wine shop. I did score a mini tasting while I was shopping, but their prices were a little on the high side for my 2-buck-Chuck budget.

To add to the spread, my friend Tim brought sharp cheddar, crackers and multiple bars of Hershey’s chocolate. You see, there’s been a bit of a lull in baked goods around the apartment, so I hear. I get the hint, Tim.

My other friend Tim trekked all over Soho for Malbec (my fave) and kalamata olives (which I did not serve but will pop up in a recipe soon enough!)

Thanks, friends!


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