The Midtown Lunch Conundrum

I’m a die-hard brownbagger during the work week – such an easy way to save money! Once a week or so I “forget” to bring a lunch and am left to navigate Midtown’s culinary wasteland.  Halal carts aside, there are lots of reasonably priced lunches to be found that are a step above that Pret A Manger excuse for a sandwich…

Nanoosh – 173 Madison Avenue (other locations on the West Side and Union Square). Really yummy soups, salads and homemade hummus (with whole wheat pita, natch).

Just Salad – 320 Park Avenue. OK, this place is super pricey, but the salads are big enough to save leftovers. Lots of interesting dressings – I like the rosemary balsamic.

The Japanese joints on 41st Street between Madison and 5th. Craving sushi? There are a slew of places that have lots of to-go options. I like Cafe Zaiya.

Olympic Pita – 58 W. 38th Street. This place serves up some legit falafel. You stand in line, soup Nazi style, so have your order in mind  beforehand.

For more places check out Midtown Lunch


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