A Girl’s Gotta…Drink?!

The holidays are filled with lots of delicious bevs (egg nog, anyone?) but even Santa needs a break from the schnapps. Here are some of my  favorites for the season – they also make great stocking stuffers!

Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate, $3.99 and Stash Christmas Morning Black Tea $3.40

I have been hooked to Italian ciocolata calda sense my semester in Florence.  Thick and rich like a melted chocolate bar, an espresso-sized portion is all you need to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. When mixed with hot milk, Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate becomes Wonka-worthy. Add as little or as much milk as you like to reach your desired level of richness. Marshmallows are untraditional, but nevertheless encouraged.

Printed Stainless Steel Bottles, Old Navy, $2.50 (purchased on sale, regularly $7.50)

Time to make friends with the water cooler. After I left my beloved Sigg water bottle in Bryant Park, I have  been searching for its replacement. This stainless steel bottle from Old Navy caught my eye and cost less than a few bottles of Poland Spring. You get double the eco benefit –  reusable bottles are both economical and eco-friendly. Now get chuggin’.

Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, box of 36 packets $14.50

I started drinking Emergen-C a few years ago while training for a winter marathon. I like to think of it as a liquified multi-vitamin, multiplied by 100. While the effectiveness of these types of supplements are up for debate, I believe a little extra immunity insurance never hurt anyone. Make sure you mix the powder with very cold water – it makes it much easier to drink!


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